CES – In the News!

VR Driver Training

We had a great time this year at CES with our partner Intel to help promote our VR motion solutions powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs with Intel® Optane™ technology.

Our booth & VR demo was a hit with everyone and we had a great time showing the power of VR systems and their current and potential applications in multiple markets.

Take a look at the video from Engadget below.

Author: keithmaher

Hi, I'm Keith Maher. Founder @ VR Motion Keith Maher is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the technology industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Sales Management, and Team Building. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a BSc (Hons) focused on Entrepreneurial Opportunities/Marketing & Finance. Keith Maher has had a 22-year career in high-tech semiconductor development, and an obsession for motorsports resulted in a convergence of cars and computers and the idea to start VR Motion Corp. in 2016. Since then, Keith has been helping customers in various sectors of the automotive industry achieve their goals through simulation. Keith currently lives in Oregon, with his wife, Úna, and their two children. KEITH MAHER'S EXPERIENCE: Founder at VR Motion August 2017 - Present KEITH MAHER'S EDUCATION: Open University BSc (Hons), Entrepreneurial Opportunities/Marketing & Finance, 2018 KEITH MAHER'S INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES: Technology, Auto Racing

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